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Binghamton Off Campus House, House for Rent FAQ

Will the landlord give notice before showing the apartment or doing maintenance checks?

Yes, Students will be given at least 24 hour notice before showing the property or performing a maintenance check. We will inform student as soon as we set an appointment and give them as much notice as possible. Most times we will provide much more then 24 hours notice.

Will the apartment be professionally cleaned before we move in?


When something needs to be repaired, what happens? Who do I call? How fast can things get fixed?

Students are given the landlords personal cell phone number for all emergencies. If there is an emergency it will be addressed immediately. For non emergency’s, students can contact us during normal business hours and we will schedule a time to come out and make any necessary repairs.

What has to be done to rent a house?

Once you have decided to rent one of our homes we will have you fill out a rental application and sign a lease. They are available in an electronic form if you would like to email them home for your parents to review. We will also require the last month’s rent and security deposit at the time of the signing.

If I am receiving financial aid or student loan?s will you work with me until I receive my check?

Yes. We will not charge late fees if you plan on paying for your rent out of your student loan or financial aid. If you are waiting to pay until you get your check then we do require that you pay the semester in full once you receive it.

Do you have a 24/7 emergency number?

Yes, all students will be given not only our office number but also a cell phone number in which they can contact us at anytime for emergencies.

Can the utility’s be included in the Rent?

We have 2 prices for every house. One with the utility’s included and one with the utility?s in the tenants name. Students have the option to choose if they want utility’s included or if they want to handle the monthly bill themselves. We understand that many students may be on a fixed tight budget and would like to know exactly what they have to pay every month without worrying if there roommates turned off their lights and computers before they left. If the students decide to keep the utility’s in there name they should remember the “budget plan” that NYSEG offers is an average of what the house has cost in the past. This average usually includes decades of time where a family lived in the home. With most students having TVs, computers, ect in there own rooms the bills tend to be much higher. Make sure to get the budget of what the usage has been over the last few years.